DEPHOSPHORUS “Ravenous Solemnity” 2xLP (incl.dl-code)

DEPHOSPHORUS "Ravenous Solemnity" 2xLP
— Double 180-gram vinyl pressed at 45 R.P.M.
—Sturdy gatefold cover printed on reverse board 3000gsm paper, black inner sleeves.
— Comes in protective plastic overbag.
— Includes download code.
ACHTUNG! Due to the exorbitant overseas postage rates, if you live in North America please order the record here.

Shipping to Europe: 30€

Registered shipping to Europe: 33€

Shipping outside Europe: 34€

Registered shipping outside Europe: 36.50€

BB015: V/A “Monomaniac vol.2/3″ LP


— Grouping together some of the most radical acts from all over the globe and asking from them a one-minute long statement! Featuring: Witchrist, Monomakh, Skullshitter, Nocturnal Vomit, Nadiwrath, End, Haapoja, Dephosphorus, Black Hole Of Calcutta, Wake, Progress Of Inhumanity, Gods Of Chaos, Mutant Supremacy, Ravencult, Burial Hordes, Weregoat, Dodsferd, Necrosadist.
— Black 12″ vinyl (140g).
— Pressed at 45 R.P.M. for maximum sound quality.
— Jackets printed on upgraded 300 gsm stock, coated paper, with 3mm spine.
— Ships in black inner sleeves and PVC overbags.
— In order to avoid seam splits during the transport, records ship in inner sleeves, outside jacket and all in PVC overbag.

Shipping to USA/world: 20.00€

USA/world (REGISTERED): 22.50€

Shipping to Europe: 19.00€

 Europe (REGISTERED): 21.50€

Monomaniac vinyl bundle: vol.2/3 LP + vol.1 7″EP

— Save by ordering both installments of the Monomaniac series bundled together!

Shipping to USA/world: 25.00€

USA/world (REGISTERED): 27.50€

Shipping to Europe: 24.00€

 Europe (REGISTERED): 26.50€

VUYVR logo t-shirt

VUYVR logo t-shirt (black)— Gildan heavy cotton shirts.
— Available in: gray ink on black shirt (see pic on the left) and black logo on kaki shirt (click here for a pic) .
— Available in the following sizes: M, L, XLPlease state the desired size and color in the comments of your Paypal transaction.

Shipping everywhere: 17.00€

BB012: VUYVR “Eiskalt” LP+t-shirt combo

VUYVR LP/TS combo— Save by getting the Vuyvr LP and TS bundled together! See above and below for details. Please state the desired size and color in the comments of your Paypal transaction.

Shipping to Europe: 30€
Europe (REGISTERED), USA/World
: 33€
: 35€

BB012: VUYVR “Eiskalt” LP

VUYVR "Eiskalt" LP
— Unorthodox black metal from Switzerland.
— 180g heavy duty vinyl, printed inner sleeves.
— Amazing artwork by Richey Beckett.

Shipping to USA/world: 19.00€

USA/world (REGISTERED)21.50€

Shipping to Europe18.00€

 Europe (REGISTERED): 20.50€

BB011: V/A “Monomaniac vol.1″ 7″EP

— The highly anticipated kickstart of the Monomaniac series. 10 bands hailing from all over the globe offer 12 short songs!
— Featuring: Diocletian, The Howling Wind, Cloud Rat, Thedowngoing, Sete Star Sept, Body Hammer, Head Cleaner, Detroit, This Is Past, Sempiternal Dusk.
— Artwork by Viral Graphics. — Digital version available via bandcamp.

Shipping to U.S.A./world: 11.00 €

Shipping to Europe: 10.65 €


— Stellar design by Viral Graphics!
— Printed on Guildan heavy cotton shirts.
— Available in: M, L, XL, Girlie M, Girlie L.
— Please state the size in the comments of your Paypal transaction.

Shipping to U.S.A./world: 16.00€
Shipping to Europe15.5€ 


Get the Blastbeat Mailmurder t-shirt (see above) plus one of our available CD releases for only 2 extra € !!! Chose one of the CD’s below (click on each title for details and sound streams) and write down your choice in the comments section of your transaction together with the desired size.

— STRAIGHTHATE “Indigenous” digipack CD (grind/death/hardcore with Panos & Thanos from Dephosphorus)
— FORGARDUR HELVITIS (IS) “Gerningavedur” CD+ (blackened grindcore from Iceland!)
— INTO THE GORE “Bureau Of Disgust” CD (greek grindcore legends)
— STRAIGHTHATE “Grim Memories” MCD+ (grinding thrashcore feat. Dephosphorus, Nuclear Winter, Dead Congregation members)

Shipping to U.S.A./world18.00€

Shipping to Europe17.5€ 17.5€ 

BB010: MUTANT SUPREMACY “Rotting Season” limited 7”EP

-– 4 tracks of relentless, crude old-school death metal from New York City.
— Includes insert with lyrics.
— Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
— Download it for free!

Shipping to U.S.A./world11.00 €

Shipping to Europe10.65 €


DEPHOSPHORUS “Skull” t-shirt

— Brand new “Skull” design as printed on “Night Sky Transform”‘s poster, courtesy of Viral Graphics!
— Fruit of the Loom Heavy cotton shirts, gray ink on black shirt. This high quality print has been done in the U.S.A. by Nightgaunt Graphics.
— Available in the following sizes: XL, XXLPlease state the size in the comments of your Paypal transaction.

Shipping everywhere: 16.00€

DEPHOSPHORUS “Night Sky Transform” gatefold LP (incl.dl-code)

— The band’s debut full-length opus, valiant successor to groundbreaking “Axiom” MLP!
— High quality, bulky packaging and heavy duty 180g vinyl for the demanding  collector.
— Includes: poster, insert with lyrics, download code. Comes in a plastic protective bag.

Shipping to Europe: 23.00 € 

Shipping to Europe (REGISTERED): 25.50 €

Shipping to U.S.A./world: 27.00 €

U.S.A./world (REGISTERED)29.50 €

DEPHOSPHORUS “Night Sky Transform” combo: LP + “Skull” t-shirt

— Save by getting  “Night Sky Transform” LP and the “Skull” t-shirt bundled together! Scroll above for more details.
— The t-shirt is available in the following sizes:  M, L, XL, XXLPlease state the size in the comments of your Paypal transaction.

Shipping to Europe: 33.00 €

Shipping to Europe (REGISTERED): 35.50€     

Shipping to U.S.A./world: 35.00 €

U.S.A./world (REGISTERED): 37.50 €

DEPHOSPHORUS total combo: vinyl discography + “Skull” t-shirt

— Save by getting bundled together the Dephosphorus discography so far in vinyl ( “Night Sky Transform” LP , split-7″EP with Wake, split-7″EP with Great Falls, “Axiom” MLP), as well as the “Skull” t-shirt! Scroll above for more details.

— Because of the high value of the bundle, we propose its shipment as registered mail only.

Shipping to Europe (REGISTERED): 57.50€     

U.S.A./world (REGISTERED)64.50 €


— Collect all Dephosphorus vinyl released until “Night Sky Transform” and save money!
— Includes “Axiom” MLP, split-7″ with Wake and split-7″ with Great Falls.

Shipping to U.S.A./world30.00 €

U.S.A./world (REGISTERED)32.50 €

Shipping to Europe29.00 €

Shipping to Europe (REGISTERED)31.50€


— Includes the  split-7″ with Wake and the split-7″ with Great Falls.
Both include download codes. 

 Shipping to U.S.A./world17.50 €

Shipping to Europe17.00 €


— One new track from each band!
Great Falls feature ex-members from: Playing Enemy,  Jesu, Kiss It Goodbye, Undertow,  Black Noise Cannon.
— Includes download code and an insert with the lyrics

Shipping to U.S.A./world11.00 €

Shipping to Europe10.65 €

 7DR013: DEPHOSPHORUS/WAKE  split-7″EP ( code)

— An already classic split teaming up together two bands that received substantial praise for their 2011 debuts!
— 3 tracks from each band. — Includes download code.
— Artwork by Viral Graphics. — Threefold poster-insert.

Shipping to U.S.A./world11.00 €

Shipping to Europe10.65 €

7DR009: DEPHOSPHORUS “Axiom” gatefold 12”MLP

— 2011′s most mind expanding release, praised by critics and fans alike…
— Featuring staggering artwork by Viral Graphics
— Includes insert with lyrics, pressed at 45 RPM for maximum sound quality.

Shipping to U.S.A./world: 18.00 €

U.S.A./world (REGISTERED)20.50 €

Shipping to Europe17.00 € 

Shipping to Europe (REGISTERED)19.50 €


STRAIGHTHATE “Cannibalistik Society” t-shirt

—  Brutal old-school design by Viral Graphics.

— Top quality B&C shirts.

— Available in Small, Medium, LargePlease state the size in the comments of your Paypal transaction.

Shipping everywhere: 13.00€

BB007: STRAIGHTHATE “Indigenous” digipack CD

— Grinding hardcore with death metal overtones.
— Featuring Panos & Thanos from Dephosphorus.
— Threefold digipack.

Shipping everywhere: 8.00€ 

BB006: FORGARDUR HELVITIS “Gerningavedur” CD+

— Blackened heathen grindcore from Iceland. “…Imagine Retro-Bution-era Extreme Noise Terror on a steady diet of Immortal, but rawer and more freaked out. …” 
— Includes 8-page booklet with translation of the lyrics from icelandic to english, a cover of DARK THRONE’s “Under A Funeral Moon” with lyrics in icelandic, a video-clip.

Shipping everywhere: 8.00€ 


— Monumental grind assault by these brutal helvetians currently signed on Relapse!
— This is their DEMO 2005 pressed on vinyl.
— Top production, 12 trax, 14’30’’!!!

Shipping to U.S.A./world: 8.80 €

Shipping to Europe: 8.50 €

BB004: INTO THE GORE “Bureau Of Disgust” digipack CD

— Freestyle grindcore madness! Relentless beating, political violence for fans of NASUM, REGURGITATE, WOLFPACK, NAPALM DEATH.

— Beautiful custom die-cut digipack CD.

Shipping everywhere: 8.00€ 


 — Grinding thrashcore with dual vocals featuring DEAD CONGREGATION, NUCLEAR WINTER, DEPHOSPHORUS, HIBERNATION members.

—Includes a sinister cover to Slayer’s “Black Magic”, as well as a CD-ROM track with videos from a full liveset.

  Shipping everywhere: 6.00€

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