New site, new items distributed and whatnot


welcome to our new site. Here’s a short update as per our whereabouts. Feel free to email us for more info or if you find a bug or broken link. You can also stay updated by joining our mailing list.

New releases

For the moment the only planned release  is the long-delayed KOMMPOUND/HELLBOY 106 “The Mignola Split”. Originally it was destined to be on CD-R format with DVD case packaging, but we might opt for a cassette instead.

Paypal store

If you’re interested by a particular BBM release or the STRAIGHTHATE T-shirt, check out our paypal store. If you want more than one release and/or to combine it with records from our distro, please email us for a total price including postage to your location.

Band news

Here’s what’s going on with the bands that we have released records of.

  • Straighthate broke up during the summer of 2008. The creative core of the band, guitarist/songwriter Thanos and vocalist/lyricist Panos,  have formed a new band: Dephosphorus.
  • Forgardur Helvitis are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and they are about to record their 2nd album!
  • Mumakil are looking for the replacement of their bass player Jeremy (aka Taverne) and are composing their third album (2nd for Relapse).
  • Sun Of Nothing have just released their third album on Catch The Soap Productions.


After an inventory of our basement we’ve unearthed some articles that we thought long gone. We have also lowered the prices of many items and have stocked some inspiring new ones – like those pimped below and  many  more…

V/A “Noise vs. Subversive Computing” (Computationally Infeasible Records) USB STICK

DISPIRIT “Rehearsal At Oboroten” DEMOTAPE

FULCI “Dead Lights Red Sky” CD-R (Crucial Bliss) LUASA RAELON “Into The Void” CD-R (Crucial Bliss)

MONARCH! (FR) “Dead Men Tell No Tales” digipack 2xCD (Crucial Blast)

SKULLFLOWER (UK) “Tribulation” & “IIIrd Gatekeeper” CD’s (Crucial Blast)

SOUVENIR’S YOUNG AMERICA (US) “An Ocean Without Water” digipack CD (Crucial Blast)


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