Distro update

RUINED FAMILIES (GR) “Four Wall Freedom” MLP 9e
Chaotic, dark, passionate hardcore… Fantastic piece of vinyl. Highly recommended! We will also carry the cassette version.

CATACOMB (FR) “The Years Of Morbidology”  2xCD (Armee De La Mort records) 12e
All the releases of this legendary french band on one disc, plus live, unreleased, rehearsal tracks on the other. They had established a unique atmospheric death metal style back in the 90’s with a concept dedicated to the Cthulhu mythos. Cover artwork by Chris Moyen, 32 page booklet, fucking cult.

LOTUS CIRCLE (GR) “Bottomless Vales and Boundless Floods” (Nykta)  10e
Great blackened drone without a single drum beat! A la early Sunnoo))) with eerie vokills and howlings… The release is sold out from the label.

LOTUS CIRCLE / BOSQUE (GR/POR)  CD (Dunkelheit Produktionen) 10e
Four tracks from LC, a single but long one by Bosque. The release is sold out from the label.

WORMROT (SIN) “Abuse” (Earache) 2xCD 10e
Killer grind from Singapore a la Phobia, Magrudergrind, etc. The second disc contains 34 bonus tracks.


~ by fieldoperative on January 27, 2011.

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