Achtung! Heads-up for incoming massive update…

We have received  many new killer records on vinyl and plastic for our mailmurder/distro. You can find the list below and please check back within the next couple of days for prices and photos. Many of these items are stocked in small quantities so you’d better act fast!

  • CLANDESTINE BLAZE “Falling Monuments” CD
  • THE HOWLING WIND “Mortuary/Laboratory” 7″
  • ALDEBARAN “Buried Beneath Aeons” CD (funeral doom, killer new album)
  • COFFINS “Mortuary in Darkness” 2xLP
  • ALDEBARAN “Buried Beneath Aeons” CD
  • THRALLDOM “Shaman steering the vessal of vastness” LP
  • Art Of Burning Water “Head Of The Tempest” LP (“heavy technical metal hardcore. Think Mastodon, Keelhaul, Melvins, Craw, Botch and Zeni Geva”)
  • Jinn – s/t CD (“Ex-Ebola / Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon rocking political thrash hardcore grind”)
  • INFERNAL CURSE – Demented Visions Of Darkness 7″EP
  • NECROHOLOCAUST / OBEISANCE “Bringers of Black Genocide” split-7″EP (members of Balsphemy&Morbosidad)
  • PEK – Worship & Obey 7″EP
  • ASUNDER – Works Will Come Undone CD
  • YOB – The Great Cessation CD
  • VASAELETH – Crypt Borth And Tethered To Ruin CD
  • HOODED MENACE – Never Cross The Dead CD
  • THE HOWLING WIND – Into The Cryosphere CD
  • MITOCHONDRION – Parasignosis CD
  • SALOME – Terminal CD

We are also expecting within the next one week or two:

  • THE HOWLING WIND “Into the Cryosphere” LP
  • MAVETH (Fin/USA) – ‘Breath Of An Abomination’ CD (Blasphemous Satanic Death Metal Obscurity!)
  • GANGRENATOR (NOR/UK) “Tales From A Thousand Graves” CD (true old Grind/ Death Metal featuring members from DØDHEIMSGARD, CODE, B.S.R., ENDWARFMENT, LASERGUYS, MANIFEST, SEXY POLICE and THORNS!)
  • FURZE (NOR) “Trident Autocrat” CD
  • LASERGUYS (NOR) “Laserguys” LP (grindcore w/ members from GANGRENATOR, THORNS, ENDWARFMENT, etc)
  • TANGORODRIM (ISR): “Unholy Metal Way” CD
  • TANGORODRIM (ISR) “Those Who Unleashed” CD
  • EIBON/HKY split-7”EP
  • ROSETTA “The Galilean Satellites I” 2xLP
  • ROSETTA “The Galilean Satellites II” 2xLP

~ by fieldoperative on March 3, 2011.

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