Mailmurder update: VINYL (Parasitic Records, Profound Lore, etc)


those are the latest vinyl arrivals, more to come within the next couple of weeks! Tomorrow I will post the new Compact Death arrivals.

  • THRALLDOM (USA) “A Shaman steering the vessal of vastness” LP (Parasitic Records) 14e

A suppreme vinyl release for the ultimate album of one of contemporary black metal’s most important acts… Limited to 555 copies on 160 gram Gold vinyl in beautiful heavy full color sleeve with completely different artwork/layout than cd version.

  • COFFINS (JAP) “Mortuary in Darkness” 2xLP (Parasitic Records/Kreation Records) 16e

Vinyl version of the 2005 debut album. Limited to 1000 copies, gatefold sleeve 2 x LP. This is the black vinyl version, includes 2 bonus tracks: Into the Coffin, Warhead (Venom Cover).

  • THE HOWLING WIND (USA) “Mortuary/Laboratory” 7″EP (Parasitic Records) 7e

Two unreleased tracks. (Packaging picture stolen from Parasitic Records )

  • ALDEBARAN/ UNEARTHLY TRANCE (USA) split 7″EP (Parasitic Records) 7e

We have a handful of the last (out of 500) copies remaining. Includes stickers from both bands! (Packaging picture stolen from Parasitic Records )

  • NECROHOLOCAUST/OBEISANCE (CAN/USA) “Bringers of Black Genocide” split-7″EP (Chalice Of Blood Angel) 6e

Great release for warmetal goats! Both bands feature Morbosidad members and Necroholocaust an ex-Blasphemy bassist. Vinyl placed inside printed innersleeve. 1000 copies.

  • INFERNAL CURSE (ARG) “Demented Visions Of Darkness” 7″EP (Chalice Of Blood Angel) 6e

Very good black/death. Cover artwork by Chris Moyen, includes insert, vinyl is wrapped in black paper sleeve. Limited to 400 copies.

  • PEK (BE) “Worship & Obey 7″EP  (Chalice Of Blood Angel) 6e

4 quality tracks of  obscure, darkened death metal. Vinyl wrapped in black sleeve. Nasty pornographic artwork! Limited to 666 copies.

  • ART OF BURNING WATER “Head Of The Tempest” LP (Superfirecords) 10e

“heavy technical metal hardcore. Think Mastodon, Keelhaul, Melvins, Craw, Botch and Zeni Geva”. Sober release, devastating sounds! Give a listen to a track off the album here.


~ by fieldoperative on March 14, 2011.

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