Compact Death Update

Just on time for the Orthodox celebration of the ressurection our bastard lord Jesus Crust, here’s our C.D. update!

  • ENCOFFINATION (US) “Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh” CD (Selfmadegod Records) 8e

Cryptic, suffocating death metal influenced by INCANTATION, DISEMBOWELMENT, MORPHEUS DESCENDS.


  • HOODED MENACE “Never Cross The Dead” CD (Profound Lore Records)  12e

Crushing doom/death in the early 90’s veins with an ex-Phlegethon member!

  • KEN MODE “Venerable”   CD (Profound Lore Records)  12e

“KEN mode is what happens when VOIVOD, UNSANE, CURSED, and THE JESUS LIZARD end up having a fisting orgy.” One of the best records for the year 2011! Noise rock and post-hardcore with a huge production by Kurt Ballou. Memorable songs, mindblowing dynamics, fucking A. Great digipack release.

  • RETALIATION (SWE) “Exhuming The Past-14 Years Of Nothing CD (Selfmadegod Records) 8e

Excellent swedish grindcore! A 115 song discography CD compiling all the songs recorded and released in nearly a decade in a half: the splits w/ Gut, Exhumed, The Kill, Grindwork 4-way split w/ Nasum, Vivisection and C.S.S.O., V/A “Really Fast” vol. 9, and two first classic albums: “The Execution” and “Violence Spreads Its Drape”, as well as “Boredom And Frustration/DDD” demo.

  • STORMCROW / MASS GRAVE (USA/CAN) – Split CD (Selfmadegod Records) 8e

Excellent fucking split! STORMCROW play great, epic doom/sludge reminding me bands like AMEBIX, IRE, FALL OF THE BASTARDS and they have long tracks.  MASSGRAVE are honnestly the best disciples of DISRUPT I’ve ever heard. Highly recommended release!

  • CATHETER / FUBAR (USA/NL)  – Split CD (Selfmadegod Records) 8e

Cool split with two well-known grindcore bands ! 23 songs.

  • BLOOD I BLEED / MASSGRAV (NL/SWE) – Split CD (Selfmadegod Records) 8e

“…unrelenting, ultra-fast songs by the Dutch masters of non-stop thrash/grind/punk, BLOOD I BLEED, and MASSGRAV, the Swedish kings of fast punk/thrash fury. The bands have recorded respectively 12 and 13 songs each. If you are into HERESY, INTENSE DEGREE, S.O.B., MOB 47, KRIGSHOT, YACOPSEAE, MY MINDS MINE, HELLNATION, and SIEGE then this split is a must have.”

  • HIRAX(USA) “Not Dead Yet” CD  (Selfmadegod) 8e

“The disc consists of “Raging Violence” (1985, Metal Blade) and “Hate, Fear And Power” (1986, Metal Blade), the classic first two albums. Started back in 1984 by characteristic singer Katon W. De Pena, Hirax are indisputable pioneers of American thrash metal/crossover. The front cover images have been created by renown artists Pushead (Septic Death) and Mad Marc Rude.”

  • HIRAX(USA) “El Rostro de la Muerte” CD  (Selfmadegod) 8e

New album from 2009 with Ed Repka artwork. Great thrash metal.

  • HIRAX(USA) “Assassins Of War” MCD  (Selfmadegod) 4e

5 devastating thrash metal songs!

  • TANGORODRIM (ISR)  “Unholy Metal Way” CD (Apocalyptic Empire) 10e

I didn’t see this one coming! Certainly the best black/death band to hail from Israel since SALEM! Great riffs and relentless songwriting! Re-release of the 2001 debut album. “The first alcohol-fueled, dirty and unholy album of TANGORODRIM released almost a decade ago was praised in the underground as the ultimate homage to the first and second wave of Black Metal (Hellhammer/ Bathory and Darkthrone) without drowning in the tsunami of countless ’80’ies clones and so-called “old-school bands”.

  • TANGORODRIM (ISR)  “Those Who Unleashed” CD (Apocalyptic Empire) 10e

2nd album from 2001. Unholy rifftastic black/death!

  • GANGRENATOR (NOR/UK) “Tales From A Thousand Graves” CD  (Apocalyptic Empire) 10e

Top notch, high class old-school death/grind with members from DØDHEIMSGARD,ENDWARFMENT, LASERGUYS, THORNS!

  • FURZE (NOR) “Trident Autocrat” (Apocalyptic Empire Records) 10e

Norwegian black metal. Debut from 2000. CD “limited” to 2500 copies, sold out from the label by now.


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