• LIKE RATS “Like Rats” 7″EP (Cosmic Debris) 6e

5 tracks of fantastic & inspiring primitive hardcore! Download it from A couple of copies left.


  •  SATURNALIA TEMPLE (SWE) – ‘Aion Of Drakon’ CD (Nuclear Winter Records/The Ajna Offensive) 8e

Occult doom of gigantic proportions, ritualistic & psychedelic with members from KAAMOS, THERION, etc.

  • FUNERAL (SWE)  ‘Forgotten Abominations’  ekopack  MCD (Nuclear Winter Records) 6e

18′ of premium occult doom/death with members of the Swedish Death Metal Elite (Karnarium, Nominon, Hypnosia).  Out of print for years, since its original release in 2004 on limited cassette/7”EP.

  • ESKHATON (Oz) ‘Nihilgoety’ CD (Nuclear Winter Records) 8e

A mysterious band that has emerged from down under and has directly signed with NWR without any other releases whatsoever. Intriguing huh? Bestial death metal, chaotic and utterly devastating! If you’re into Diocletian, Sadistik Exekution, Bestial Warlust, old INCANTATION/MORBID ANGEL, this one is for you.


~ by fieldoperative on June 25, 2011.

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