DEPHOSPHORUS “Axiom” gatefold 12″MLP is here!

UPDATE: Download “Axiom” for free here! Buy the vinyl and/or the t-shirt if you like it!

DEPHOSPHORUS is the new band of Panos and Thanos from STRAIGHTHATE, joined by Nikos from INKEKTING KHAOS on drums.

“Axiom” is their debut release available now as a glorious piece of vinyl wonder, thanks to excellent vinyl-only grind label 7 Degrees Records (Germany).

The mind expanding artwork is courtesy of Viral Graphics, notorious for concocting splendid designs for a variety of acts from Unearthly Trance to the Melvins.

The vinyl is wrapped in black inner sleeve and the whole is packaged in a plastic sleeve. An insert with the lyrics is also part of the bundle.

You can order it on its own or bundled with the Dephosphorus “Axiom” t-shirt from our paypal store, or you can combine it with other items from our distro. Labels get in touch for possible trades!

“…Included are seven songs/20 minutes of what the band has dubbed “astrogrind”, which to my ears basically consists of absolutely raging, top-notch grindcore that fluidly blends in elements of black metal, crust, etc…” (

“…Dephosphorus will not accept limitations of anything as quaint as genre in their pursuit of something transcendent. But for all of that, there’s an unwavering core of crust and grind that knots it all together even when the band is astral projecting their collective unconscious to the furthest reaches of space and benighted dimensions…” (

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on July 6, 2011.

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