We have stocked two brand new 7″EP’s for the utter pleasure of black metal fiends!

  • AKITSA (CAN) “Auprès de la mort, triomphant!” 7″EP (None Shall Defy) 7.5e

If there is one single black metal 7″EP that you should purchase this year, that should be it! Included are two new scornful, ground breaking and crude tracks plus a blood chilling ambient instrumental from the radical Quebecois black metal unit. This is a deluxe edition limited to 489 handnumbered copies on heavy vinyl with cardboard inlay, the EP is wrapped in glossy black sleeve. It costs more than the rest of the 7″EP’s that we distribute due to the high postage we had to pay in order to import them, but it is worth every goddamn cent!

  • EMBRACE OF THORNS/ BETHOR/ CHAOSBAPHOMET/ WARGOAT “Feast Of The Diabolical” 7″EP (Bleak Bone Mortualia) 6e

4-way split of  vicious and bestial hellenic black/death! Limited to 350 handnumbered copies, including 3-panel-foldout-cover on 180g carton, protection sleeve and poster!


~ by fieldoperative on July 27, 2011.

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