FLEURETY new 7″EP, EIBON MCD+CD stocked!!!

  • FLEURETY (NO) “Evoco Bestias” 7″EP (Aesthetic Death) 6e
    The first new Fleurety material since 1998, a fucking  jewel of a seven-inch! Comes on heavy duty grey vinyl, with printed inner sleeves and a sticker. Both tracks are truly amazing, elegant and inspiring! “Summon The Beasts” is the best metal with melodic female vocals that I’ve heard since when Kari Rueslåtten was still playing with The 3rd and the Mortal! “Animal Of The City” is a more BM affair, but (un)godly as well…

  • EIBON (FR) “Entering Darkness” Digisleeve CD (Aesthetic Death) 10e
    63 minutes of majestic and grim sludge/doom/death that will send shivers down your spine… This is an operation of epic proportions featuring (ex-) members of legendary french bands Astral Rising, Garden Of Silence, Drowning… This grime piece of Compact Death is wrapped in a special hardcover digisleeve.

  • EIBON (FR) “Eibon” Digipack CD (Aesthetic Death) 7e
    The recording that paved the way to their monumental debut “Entering Darkness”. Two epic tracks clocking at 23 minutes.

  • AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED/TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION (USA) “Frontside Nosegrind” 7″EP (Bones Brigade Records) 6e
    We have received copies of the latest pressing in red wax! A handful of copies in blue vinyl are still available as well…


~ by fieldoperative on August 25, 2011.

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