AASGARD “Ravens Hymns Foreshadows The End” CD

AASGARD (GR) “Ravens Hymns Foreshadows The End” CD (Nekrogoat Heresy Productions) 5e

There is something charming about AASGARD’s heathen black metal. It is not sophisticated.  Their lyrics are written in approximate english. Yet they have that little something that made hellenic black metal appealing worldwide in the early 90’s.

Musically they are mid-way between Hellas and Norge. They insist mostly on mid-tempos. They are lo-fi, unpolished and primitive.  The band that they have reminded me the most is compatriots NERGAL and more specifically 1995’s “The Wizard Of Nerath”.

Recommended exclusively for fans of ugly, heathen, war sounds.

Connoisseur data:

  • Limited to 666 copies.

~ by fieldoperative on September 23, 2011.

One Response to “AASGARD “Ravens Hymns Foreshadows The End” CD”

  1. cult album!

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