CREEPING / GLORIOR BELLI “Rites of Spiritual Death” split-MLP

CREEPING / GLORIOR BELLI (NZ/FR) “Rites of Spiritual Death” split-MLP (Necroterror Rex) 11e

What I love about splits is when the lesser known of the two (or more…) bands kicks the ass of the other, and that’s exactly what happens here!

I haven’t followed the exact whereabouts of GLORIOR BELLI, but it seems that there is a hype surrounding them. The BM scenehounds apparently don’t wanna hear anything about them after their “Ô Laudate Dominvs” debut, which is in the veins of WATAIN’s “Rabid Death’s Curse” (by far their best record). The fact that they have recently signed to Metal Blade, won’t make things better either heh…

The possiblity of listening to BM with southern parts thrown into the mix, isn’t exactly appealing to an old stubborn fuck like me. This is the whole novelty about GB and actually it’s better than what I expected.

I am a little bit prejudiced about BM being mixed with New-Orleanisms – better keep both styles separate I say. But then, there’s quite a few bands that have mocked our preconceived notions… Never say never then.

Their side here is a track typical of their style. From what I understand the vocals more growly than usual.

Overall, GB is the kind of band that I can pleasantly listen to for the duration of an EP. This is good stuff but I suspect that they might bore me for a whole full length.

The true highlight of this release is “Shrine Of The Fallen Sun”, the 10-minute track by CREEPING. Rarely has a name done so much justice to the band’s music, and as a matter of fact they are a major fucking revelation as far as I’m concerned! Their blackened, epic doom/sludge has reminded me of the majestic monochromatic feeling invoked by french meisters EIBON. It’s disquieting, it’s immersive, it’s pure gold!

After actually listening to them for the first couple of times  I found out that they hail from New Zealand… This is a data that made everything click into place. This country excites my imagination as fuck and the devastating recent outputs by behemoths such as ULCERATE and DIOCLETIAN, have made NZ one of the most cult musiclands in today’s underground. Actually,CREEPING’s drummer J. Wallace is the original ULCERATE vocalist!

You have understood by now that this is an great piece of vinyl. Each act offers 10′ of music which is an excellent length.

Connoisseur data:

  • Being a MLP the timing allowed it to be pressed in 45 RPM, which means better sound quality because there is more distance between the vinyl tracks (in the litteral sense, not the songs), thus the music “breathes” more.
  • The excellent cover artwork is included inside as a A3-sized fold out poster.
  • Wax is enclosed in a black carton sleeve which is a must (it’s a shame that labels don’t use them enough).
  • Limited to 300 copies.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on September 23, 2011.

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