V/A “The Wine of Satan: Volume II” LP

V/A “The Wine of Satan: Volume II” LP (Necroterror Rex) 15e

Back in 1993, Magus Wampyr Daoloth from NECROMANTIA fame has released an uber-cult compilation which was called “The Wine Of Satan”. It featured 8 cult international acts including Master’s Hammer, Beherit, Mortuary Drape, The Black…

The fact that 15 years later volume II has been released but not by the same high profile individual, can make somebody sceptical about the whole initiative. Yet, he would be totally wrong!

Let’s start by the fact that the Magus himself (most insiders will agree he’s hellenic black metal’s most cult persona) has blessed this second volume.

The original procedure and concept has been respected here.  Those 8 bands are not the bigger in the scene, this is not an all-star kind of thing. Yet, they all have a strong personality and have left (or are leaving) their mark on the scene.


What I like here is that there is a lot of variety and that the listener is challenged by material that is not necessarily what he would expect. Take for example “Sonata of the Chosen Ones”, ROOT’s heavy metal number that kickstarts the record. In the beginning I thought it sucked and was out of place. After a couple of listens I eventually liked it!

I will not go into each track individually. Overall this is one of the best BM compilations that have ever spinned in my pick-up.

THE ONE’s “T.W.O.S.” is certainly a personal fave. This unorthodox black metal act (fucking excellent description!) is amongst the very best  Greece has to offer. Chris Magos (this is a cult last name if there ever was one), the owner of Necroterror Rex does some backing growls here.

FURZE end side A with some sick, ritualistic hostilities. CODE’s “Pollen Of Black Plume” is another highlight: timeless and epic, with a majestic breakdown with melodic vocals in the middle.

Connoisseur data:

  • Limited to 333 hand numberedcopies, practically sold-out by now. We only have a handful of these.
  • Cover artwork by Chris Moyen.
  • Vertically folding jacket.
  • A5-sized 12-page three-colour booklet with lyrics, liner notes and photos.
  • Almost all tracks are exclusive.
  • Sakis from Rotting Christ is responsible from the mastering and he did a good job since despite the fact that all recordings have extremely different sound productions, the whole set flows smoothly.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on September 23, 2011.

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