FROSTMOON ECLIPSE “A Ticket To Nowhere” 7″EP

FROSTMOON ECLIPSE (ITA) “A Ticket To Nowhere” 7″EP (Nekrogoat Heresy Productions/Caverna Abisma Records) 5e

I am prejudiced towards Italian metal. That’s because 9 out 10 promo-CD’s from Italian bands that end up in my hands are plain ridiculous.  I don’t say that Italian metal alltogether is shit. There’s a few bands from that country that I have enjoyed, straight from the early days. Actually the very first 7″EP I bought was from an Italian band: CATACOMB “The Return Of The Ark”. Excellent atmospheric and chaotic doom/death. There’s also been MONUMENTUM with “In Absentia Christi”, MORTUARY DRAPE and a few others. Which makes me think that I should order the re-press of NECROMASS “Mysteria Mystica Zothyriana” LP. A track from that album was included at the legendary free tape compilation “Into The Catachtonium” which was released by controversial Unisound Records back at the time but I never managed to get the actual album.

I can’t think of many modern Italian metal bands that I like. Last one I really been into must have been ALTAR OF PERVERSION with a couple of great BM releases out, including “From Dead Temples (Towards the Ast’ral Path)” @ End All Life (that we have distributed back at the time) and the split-7″EP with GOATFIRE.

Judging from the title you would think that Frostmoon Eclipse is black metal and if you approach it as such you will probably be disappointed. If you are in the mood of listening to an EP of quality atmospheric metal though, “A Ticket To Nowhere” gets the job done well.

The melodies and the mood of the two tracks are very mid-90’s. They remind of swedish classics like KATATONIA or even the obscure, melodic, black-ish metal of THY SERPENT from Finland (Remember their ’96 opus “Forests Of Witchery”?). The Italians are pretty good at delivering catchy hooks, as well as alternating fast parts with melodic breakdowns. Not BM then, but yet pretty good in a wider metal context.

The overall sense of quality is confirmed by the fact that their members are not newcomers. Drummer Gionata Potenti is GLORIOR BELLI‘s G. and he’s also somehow played with greek bands MACABRE OMEN and NOCTERNITY. Guitarist Claudio Alcara has also played in MACABRE OMEN, as well as in HANDFUL OF HATE.

Connoisseur data:

  • Not to confuse with the german BM band of the same name.
  • Limited to 250 copies.
  • Two tracks for a total timing of 10+ minutes.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on September 24, 2011.

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