Crust/metal mayhem from Brazil: DEFY “Desprazer” TAPE

DEFY (BR) “Desprazer” TAPE (Fukk That! Records) 3e

I couldn’t be bothered more by yet another generic crust band reproducing the same 30-year old DISCHARGE/E.N.T. riffs… That’s why I chose to distribute this demo tape!

DEFY hail from Brazil and they are NOT your typical crust/D-Beat band. Most of their killer riffs are thrashy, often influenced by death metal (eg. the intro of “Sangue E Morte”) or east coast USHC (listen to the end of “Pedofilia”). And when the singer stops growling and instead shouts in Portuguse at track#6, “Como esses merdas sobrevivem”, the recording reaches its crucial peak.

All in all, 10 tracks of unbridled and irrestible metal/crust mayhem, executed with feeling, convinction and honnesty. Fuckin’A!

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on September 25, 2011.

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