SCYTHIAN/KAWIR (UK/GR) “Split” 7″EP (Nuclear Winter Records) 5e

Nuclear Winter Records has earned over years such a reputation of an elite underground death metal label, that some people trust Herr Satanasis almost blindly and collect all his releases. When he told me that he was releasing a split of KAWIR with SCYTHIAN, I was surprised because he’s not usually releasing black metal. That was before I actually listened to SCYTHIAN.

I discovered their debut  full-length of 2009 entitled “To Those Who Stand Against Us…” weeks before this split-EP was released, and I was so much impressed that I anticipated it wildly. SCYTHIAN are on the deathrash side of things with influences from Destroyer 666 and Bathory circa 1988-1991. Their side here is a great new track, “Grunwald”, which proves how masterful they are of all things epic. A lot of momentum and genius here, we are eagerly expecting new material!

On the other side of the wax we have KAWIR. I loved these guys back at the time of their “To Cavirs” MLP, then I did not follow their whereabouts since. “Titanomaxia” is a more than decent track, pretty different than what I would expect after more than 10 years that i haven’t checked them out. Their style at the specific track is halfway in between traditional greek black metal and Scandinavia, especially early Bathory.

Collector data:

  • Limited to 500 copies.
  • Includes double sided insert.

~ by fieldoperative on October 14, 2011.

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