Death metal mindfuck: DISKORD “Doomscapes” cassette album

DISKORD (NO) “Doomscapes” MC (Escaravelho Records) 4e

We have once carried the “Hdfh” 7″EP from DISKORD. I was so impressed with the character and personality of the band that when Escaravelho Records got in touch with me for a possible trade, I grabbed a few copies of the cassette version without second thought!

DISKORD hail from Norway which is not your usual death metal country of origin,  I guess their unique style has a lot to do with that.  DISKORD shake the foundations of what we like to call “progressive death metal”. They have an intricate, yet focused and memorable way of playing, creating a bizzare and awesome atmosphere. They balance the more complicated whereabouts with catchy and crushing parts, never straying too far away from death metal. There are quite a few tasteful doom riffs thrown in and I like the fact that there is no compromising on the vocals – they are rough almost all the time.

Disharmonic Orchestra are definitely a big reference, but I must say that I like DISKORD a lot more! I can also pinpoint similarities with Gorguts and that’s it as far as death metal goes. They have reminded me A LOT of the dissonance and dark jazzy mood of compatriots Ved Buens Ende and Virus. I guess these guys must have also listened to a lot of Voivod and Coroner as well…

DISKORD stand out easily from the rest of the contemporary death metal production, and I hope they will get the attention they deserve with their upcoming 2nd album “Dystopics”. Out-fucking-standing!

Collector data:

  • Professionally duplicated cassetes.
  • Liimited to 150 copies.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on October 15, 2011.

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