Old school swedish death metal: ENDING QUEST “Vlad Tepes” demo cassette

ENDING QUEST (SWE) “Vlad Tepes” TAPE (Necrolatria Records)

This is a cassette release for the collector of swedish death metal. Ending Quest started out as a project from members of DESOLATOR (who have recently shared a split-CD with greek death metal band Resurgency featuring the drummer of Necrovorous, Embrace Of Thorns, etc), getting together in order to play some covers with a sound built around the notorious HM-2 Heavy Metal pedal. Eventually they ended up recording and releasing original material in the form of two demos. This is their second one.

What is cool about E.Q. is that they combine old-school swedish DM (especially Unleashed, Grave, Dismember) with Slayer riffage, plus some occasional melody not unlike early Dark Tranquillity. They do not reinvent the wheel nor they are the new Kaamos, yet they get things done properly and have a personality of their own. Definitely a band to watch out for the fanatics of old-school swedish death metal…

Collector data:

  • Limited to 100 copies.

~ by fieldoperative on October 15, 2011.

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