Ominous death metal darkness: DRAWN AND QUARTERED “Conquerors Of Sodom” 7″EP

DRAWN AND QUARTERED (US) “Conquerors Of Sodom” 7″EP (Nuclear Winter Records) 5e

It is a fucking scandal how much this band is unknown because it is actually one of the absolute best that the US has to offer in terms of death metal. Having released almost all their discography @ Moribund Records (from 1999 until 2007: 5 full-lengths, one EP and one DVD ), certainly didn’t help things out since it is a black metal label and apparently didn’t get the word about them out there outside of the BM circles. There is also something peculiar about them, and that is that some people (including me) before actually listening to them had the impression that they play guttural death metal (possibly because the name vaguely resembles Bound And Gagged’s?), which is totally wrong…

Anyway, Drawn And Quartered sound me no more no less than a more catchy and straightforward alter ego of Immolation. This is a bold statement for an outstanding band. Listen to them and you’ll agree with me. The “Conquerors Of Sodom” is their first recording to come out since 2007 and a generous EP. It includes 4 songs. Two of them will remain exclusive to this release and the two others will be also included to their upcoming 6th full-length  ‘Feeding Hell’s Furnace’, to be out shortly on Nuclear Winter Records (I have an advance copy of it, you should brace yourselves because  it’s a masterpiece!).

So this is a “get to know us” kind of release, but you’ll definitely get bang for your buck – I must say that I love 7″EP’s with four tracks (there is a cool symmetry about them)! Back to the band’s music, it’s dark death metal very close to Immolation, with references to Incantation as well (you can’t have one without the other, can you?). The execution skills of the musicians are extremely high, it’s top-notch musicianship all over the fucking place. The vocals have a lot of personality and are immediately recognizable. They have a distinct low overtone which is sick and ominous. Another highlight are the awesome guitar leads, they complete the music’s atmosphere with an epic and majestic touch.

The most remarkable realization about D&Q though, what differentiates them and puts them in my book above the majority of  current death metal production, is the fact that they know how to write catchy, memorable songs while preserving the ancient devastating and blasphemous spirit of death metal. No loss of focus, no technical self-demonstrative mess around, no exaggerations in order to show off to other musicians… Just elite death metal all the way.

Collector data:

  • Limited to 480 copies.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on October 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “Ominous death metal darkness: DRAWN AND QUARTERED “Conquerors Of Sodom” 7″EP”

  1. Good lord, I have been pestering the D&Q guys about this new album for almost three years now. To see the words “I have an advance copy of it” on a blog post makes me pretty god damn jelly. Despite being completely recorded and mastered as of ten months ago, as far as I can tell the album has no release date, nor has the artwork been published.

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