OD VRATOT NADOLU (FYROM) “Mercury” MLP (Fuck Yoga) 10e

I abstained to listen to O.V.N. on the webernet before I could actually get my hands on a physical release of theirs. I knew they are a great band and wanted my first contact with their realm to be done by spinning a good old vinyl…

This is an extremely unique, rich and fulflilling listening experience. These balkanian neighbours of mine (they hail from Skopje in the Former Yougoslav Republic Of Macedonia) have definitely something oustanding going on…

“Mercury” is described by the band as “Depraved, sad and angry mutant hardcore”. This is an accurate description. O.V.N. have managed to create  a style of their own. The flow of their music reminded me of some (mostly) instrumental US bands such as Lightning Bolt, Keelhaul, The Fucking Champs. Yet, they are more brutal and heavy.

They also have an overall immersive cinematic edge – this is the kind of album that could perfectly be used as soundtrack. Some samples in their native language, as well as some totally unexpected eerie synths reinforce that impression…

Check them out by downloading the tracks “Videodrom” and “Seriozen Delirium”.

Collector data:

  • 500 copies have been pressed, 400 in black vinyl & 100 in white. We have the black version.
  • This is a one-sided vinyl.
  • Includes an insert and a poster.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on December 19, 2011.

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