SETE STAR SEPT “Revision Of Noise” MLP (Fuck Yoga)

SETE STAR SEPT (JP)  “Revision Of Noise” MLP (Fuck Yoga) 10e

My first contact with S.S.S. was this video:

Watching it I thought “Wow, this is an insane japanese grind machine fronted by a female!” and I have instantly decided to grab a few copies. Later I read in an interview that actually the vocalist is not female but rather a male who fancies to dress like a woman when he performs live. Makes sense for a japanese band!

Anyway, I haven’t been disappointed by the “Revision Of Noise” since it actually delivers the goods. Not only this is a hysterical, paroxysmal noisy grind assault, but it also has some hooks ( a memorable breakdown here, a heavy metal riff there) that add variety and make it almost catchy… It’s all good!

Download “Deadly Smile” and “Tamed Daily Life”.

UPDATE: I have received an email from the band correcting me. Actually the vocalist/bassist is really a female!

Collector data:

  • 500 copies have been pressed, 400 in black vinyl & 100 in white. We have the black version.
  • This is a one-sided vinyl.
  • Includes an insert.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on December 19, 2011.

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