BATHTUB SHITTER (JP) “Angels Save Us” 7″EP (Necro Obscure Terror/Rusted Lock) 3e

Humor in grindcore is usually a grim affair. I personally find most such bands retarded and pathetic…  Bathtub Shitter from Osaka are a curious case.

Their music is solid and tight. Their lyrics are serious albeit exotic (but this isn’t new to any fan of Japanese music with english lyrics) , adressing mostly social issues. Yet, except the growls they have those screamed vocals who are inimitable and which certainly make them  in my book  one the most amusing grind experiences ever!

This is a classic 7″EP released almost one decade ago, back in 2003. It features 7 tracks, including a hilarious intro which kicks off with the band clapping their hands! It has been pressed on several colours. We have on stock the 2nd pressing on black vinyl – as you have probably understood by now we always prefer to stock black vinyl (when  we have the choice) because of the superior sound quality.

Collector info:

  • Includes sticker.
  • 1st pressing w/green sleeve:400 on black, 200 on clear green.
  • 2nd pressing w/black sleeve:500 on black, 500 on clear with brown splatter.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on January 17, 2012.

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