AOSOTH “III – Variations of Violence” limited LP

AOSOTH (FR) “III – Variations of Violence” LP (Spikekult Rek.) 17e

This is a bold discographic move if there ever was one – a sort of a world premiere in the black/death underground… Mkm, vocalist of Antaeus and Aosoth, has hereby released on vinyl format an instrumental version with an alternate mix of Aosoth’s latest opus “III” (regular version out @ Agonia Rec.)…

Not that we expected anything less than an excellent release from Spikekult! This label is responsible for some of the most revered pieces of my record collection like the Grand Belial’s Key “The Tricifixion of Swine” 7″EP,  Antaeus “Rekordin 2000-1” CDEP, the original vinyl release of Demoncy “Joined In Darkness” (BBM was one of official disease holders for this one!), Arkhon Infaustus “Dead Cunt Maniac” 7″EP, etc.

It turns out that the original idea was brilliant! Collector interest put apart, hearing Aosoth’s music without the vocals and with a different mix puts it under another perspective. It is extremely hypnotic and trance-like, very ritualistic, spiritual and majestic. You end up wondering how come that noone had the same idea before (or did he/she)?

I can also relate to the circumstances which led to the gestation of the concept, because as a vocalist I have spent, just as Mkm, endless hours listening on loop to instrumental, unmixed (or early mixed) versions of the recordings I would croak upon…

As far as the physical release goes, it is excellent in all aspects.  I like B. Vierling’s excellent design better than the original artwork. For more details, see the facts below. We only have a handful of those so order your copy now or pay an exorbitant price later on ebay like a fucking loser!

Collector data:

  • Vinyl only release.
  • Limited to 250 handnumbered copies.
  • 5mm spine, matt laminated cover, heavy vinyl.

~ by fieldoperative on January 28, 2012.

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