Heavy eerie awesomeness from Suomi-Finland: HAAPOJA “Hallitsematonta Voimaa” CD-R mini-album

HAAPOJA (FIN) “Hallitsematonta Voimaa” CD-R mini-album (D.I.Y.) 5e

It is astonishing how  many good underground bands exist out there, flying under the radar of record labels. Haapoja hail from Finland and are easily one of the most inspired and challenging new bands that I’ve listened to lately…

Describing what they’re up to is not easy because they have composite influences from all over the place. In no particular order they remind me the crunch of Entombed’s death’n’roll, the instrumental endeavors of Keelhaul and The Fucking Champs, the majesty of early Mastodon (circa Lifesblood” & “Remission”), modern (post-) black metal (Dødheimsgard, Ved Buens Ende, Virus) and plenty of noise rock and noisy/math hardcore bands. They sound crucial and are definitely succeeding to build a momentum that will appeal to a wide variety of underground fiends.

The recording  sounds raw and  very fresh – the drums and one of the guitars have been recorded live. The mix is not overpolished and the whole gets out of the speakers powerfully.

Except the music, what I like about Haapoja is that they are in the true spirit. They have made this 20-minute long recording available as a free download from their bandcamp site, and they have crafted a fine CD-R release out of it. The booklet and back sleeve are printed professionally, the surface of the CD-R is printed nicely, so fuck the record labels, support the band and get it!

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on January 28, 2012.

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