BATHTUB SHITTER (JP) “Dancehall grind” limited digipack CD reissue

BATHTUB SHITTER (JP) “Dancehall grind” digipack CD (RIP Roaring Shit Storm Records) 8e

I wrote recently how much I like Bathtub Shitter from Osaka, Japan… This is their classic third album from 2005 and possibly their strongest material to date. With this one they have certainly surprised more than one fans of japanese grindcore by incorporating diverse elements and influences – from the old-school videogame music intro, to thrash metal, Pantera, funk and then Black Sabbath, plus awesome singalong parts, and a Judas Priest “Painkiller”/Metallica “Creeping Death” medley played backwards! We’re talking  about a serious rollercoaster grind-o-rama AND they have  some of the most hilarious and irrestible screamed vocals ever!

I cannot talk about this record without mentionning  the lyrics. They’re written in japanese english so most of the time you won’t understand a fucking thing  – but that’s the point I guess! Take the disc opener “Skate Of Bulgaria” for example. There is no way you can figure out by reading the lyrics that this about the beginning of World War I. “Rest In Piss”,  the most lyrically sober track of the album talks about and is dedicated to Mieszo Nasum, yet they still manage to retain their humor while speaking about something so tragic: “Peaceful everyday, toilet collapsed without notice, Big wave swept all, there was under water, Br0wn tsunami caused bad shitting tale, I lost you but wish only you are drifting, like a shit, rest in piss”.

The present edition that we distribute is a limited grindtastic reissue. You can find below all the fuckts.

Collector data:

  • Remastered version.
  • Repackaged with some new artwork.
  • UK pressing limited to 500 copies.
  • Includes 2 CD-exclusive bonus tracks:  “The End Of The Rainbow (Japanese version)” is taken from the split 7″ with Misery Index, “P.O.P (People On The Paper)” is a previously unreleased alternate version (the original version comes from  the split 7″ with Misery Index).

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on February 3, 2012.

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