HEADCLEANER. The discography of greek grind heavy weights stocked!

HEADCLEANER from Salonica are the heavy weights of greek grind. They have what appears to be an all-star line-up of Salonica’s brutal scene with ex/current members from Kvazar, Homo Iratus, Disembowel, Terrordrome. We have stocked their entire discography so far, spanning across almost 10 years and two distinct eras for the band. Let’s see what we got here, in chronological order.

HEADCLEANER (GR) “Intellectual Oxygenation” CD-R album (D.I.Y.) 5e

I received my copy a few years ago during a trip to Salonica and I was extremely happy to find out that Jim “Mitch” Evgenidis, the former vocalist of Homo Iratus and one of the best voices in the greek scene EVER, was alive and kicking with a new band.

This is classic grindcore material done in the Napalm Death veins but with some twists. There’s a lot of groove, a bit of melody rendering tracks like “Piss For All Mankind” memorable and epic, many samples giving a slight post-industrial edge. The production is somehow muddy but it’s not something I would complain about (especially for a debut effort). There is a good balance of all instruments, it just lacks a bit of punch – that the band would achieve later.

It was released back in 2003 and eventhough it’s pressed on CD-R, it has a pro-printed 8-page booklet and back-cover. The band demonstrated straight from the start that it had aesthetics of their own and the will to experiment and not limit themselves to the strict limits of grindcore.

We have stocked a few of the last copies available (there have been ~600 made), so grab it while you still have the chance.

HEADCLEANER (GR) “The Protest” CD (Clean Head Productions) 8e

2009 marked a second beginning for Headcleaner since the original line-up  has broke up in 2004, a year after the release of “Intellectual Oxygenation”.  The new line-up comprised another ex- (and founding) member of Homo Iratus, Costas, as well as Bill, the virtuoso drummer of Disembowel and Terrordrome.

The material in this album  (2010), is a lot more massive both in terms of sound/production and style. There are more death metal influences, while Napalm Death still are  still a solid point of reference. The songs are more rythmically intense with Bill is delivering the goods with some crushing, untriggered beats. The band still displays a will to experiment with the closing track of the regular album (there’s a cool bonus track after it, the greek version of “Buried Alive By Capitalism”), “Laughter Of The Dog”, an emotionally charged, epic and uneasy 14 minute track  built around soundscapes/samples, slow doom riffs, accoustic guitars and narrative, theatrical vocals.

Across the 16-page booklet unfold the tasteful aesthetics of the band, illustrating their political agenda. The layout, artwork and  photography are courtesy of vocalist Jim Evgenidis and his brand, Icon Filmworx.

HEADCLEANER (GR) “Resistance Determination And The Sheer Will To Overcome” MCD (Clean Head Productions) 6e

Headcleaner mark 2 are a focused and dedicated war machine, and this new brand new mini-CD (released in January 2012) is the proof.

With my longtime comrade and friend Lefteris from Kvazar (R.I.P.) handling the bass, the band sounds even more crushing and brutal than on their “The Protest” album. The production is more massive and loud, with a thunderous bass and excellent guitar sound. The songs are in general more intense. Mitch shows progress on the vocal department as well. His voice is more expressive and varied. His growls have a new, lower edge and when he yells in more mid-range tone, he does it with class and conviction.

Closing track “Departures-Arrivals” is once again experimental. It has an industrial, eerie feeling,  almost post-rock. The vocals are very expressive, sounding as if a character narrates the pitch black reality of this grim existence…

The layout and artwork (courtesy once again of Icon Filmworx) illustrate pretty well the atmosphere that the band succeeds to create, across a substantial 16-page poster-type booklet.

That’s all folks, if you want to grab everything at once we’ll do a special price for you so get in touch!

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on February 18, 2012.

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