WAKE “Leeches” LP

WAKE (CAN) “Leeches” LP (7 Degrees Records) 12e

As I wrote in a past post on the occasion of the  “Leeches” digipack CD, if you’re into hardcore and grind and you don’t like this then you must be a sad fucker!

We are extremely happy to distribute the debut album of what is one  the most promising grindcore/hardcore bands in the world right now! Wake execute with conviction and passion music that is ferociously brutal, yet also memorable and catchy. This is NOT the kind of band that blasts like if there is no tomorrow, only to let you at the end of  the record without actually remembering  any specific riff, beat or song.

Wake are a crucial fucking band, and as a matter of fact if you’re into grindcore and/or extreme hardcore and you don’t like them, then you must really be a sad, sad bastard… I also enjoy the fact that they have influences from many different scenes. You can tell that they’ve been listening a lot to obvious bands such as Phobia or Nasum, but also to more obscure yet essential acts like Catharsis (fuck yeah!) or Mörser. I am not sure if they’ve actually been into them, but they also remind me two of my favorite -and sadly defunct- US underground bands of this last decade: Kalibas and Rune!

The vinyl version is gorgeous so do what you have to do!

Collector data:

  • 423 pieces in grey/black marbled vinyl, this is the version we distribute (pictured above).
  • 77 pieces in clear vinyl.
  • Includes an insert with the lyrics.
  • Wrapped in cellophane.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on February 18, 2012.

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