MGŁA “With Hearts Toward None” CD

MGŁA (Pol) “With Hearts Toward None” CD (Northern Heritage) 12e

Mgła caught us by surprise here… In the follow-up to their classic 2008 debut “Groza”, they present a new take on their grand scheme of things. To put it simply,  “With Hearts Toward None” is a manifesto of modern black metal carved into stone.

The seven unnamed songs of the album are more atmospheric and melodic than ever, making of “With Hearts Toward None”  their most memorable material so far. Yet, there is a cruel, black heart pulsating underneath. There is nothing nice or glossy in Mgła’s monumental bombast… They split creation in two and rip your heart apart. I cannot think of a more sharp spear upon which to impale whoever thinks of black metal in terms of entertainment or as “another” music genre.

All hail reapers of hope
All hail the seer of confusion
To grind the sandstones of culture
And to reveal the true foundation
of terror and fevers (…)

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on March 10, 2012.

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