WITCHRIST (NZ) “Curses Of Annihilation” LP

WITCHRIST (NZ) “Curses Of Annihilation” LP (Nuclear Winter Records) 13e

This is possibly Nuclear Winter Records’s most visually impressive release so far! Indeed, the band counts in its ranks graphic artist extraordinaire Alexander L.Brown, and he didn’t spare his efforts in order to make of this album a visual masterpiece. The jaw-dropping occult mandala of the cover artwork is just the beginning, leading to an impressive threefold insert.

Musically, Witchrist belong to the splendid New Zealand scene that mesmerizes us these last years (Ulcerate, Diocletian, Vassafor, etc). Their black/death resonates from the deepest dungeons. They play slower than what you might expect and to put it simply, they are closer to Incantation than to Blasphemy. This is powerful, premium material for lovers of all things blackened and crawling.

Collector data:

  • 566 copies on black vinyl <=== this is the version we have
  • 100 copies on gold vinyl <== sold out from the label
  • Spinning at 45 RPM.
  • Splendid threefold insert.
  • Comes in a plastic protective bag.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on March 10, 2012.

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