TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE “Prophecies Of Malevolence” MLP

TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE (Aus) “Prophecies Of Malevolence” (Nuclear Winter Records) MLP 11e

A band coming out of nowhere, rocking your world with a great piece of wax, that’s what’s the underground is all about!

Temple Nightside hail from Australia and they execute the sort of darkened black/death we came to expect from Oceania but with a twist: an immersive, spritual, ritualistic atmosphere. The latter is often manifested through asphyxiating dark ambient parts, that function extremely well and contribute greatly to the charm of this recording.

As far as the metal side is concerned, it sounded to me like a combination of Demoncy (“Joined In Darkness” era) and Grave Miasma. The line-up is a duo,  both of them are  members of the Nazxul fame, while one of them plays in another excellent black/death act, the awesome Ill Omen.

This is an obscure masterpiece, packing enough character and sheer quality that it stands fiercely above most of its worldwide black/death peers. Highly fucking recommended!

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~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on March 13, 2012.

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