ORANSSI PAZUZU “Kosmonument” 2xLP

ORANSSI PAZUZU “Kosmonument” 2xLP (Svart Records) 20e

In my book Oranssi Pazuzu’s “Kosmonument” was 2011’s biggest surprise together with Ulcerate’s “The Destroyers Of All”… First of all, I digged the fact that they hail from Finland, since Suomi was one my favorite musical destinations in the 90’s. Back in the Chaotik Webzine days, I was in touch with a bunch of cool finn metalheads and bands in IRC EFnet#metal, and they helped me discover the subtleties of their scene. I was already liking a lot  great bands such as Thergothon, This Empty Flow, God Forsaken, Demigod, and then I found out about the likes of  Disgrace, Terveet Kadet, Plan E, etc.

Oranssi Pazuzu are soaked in this eerie atmosphere that seems to be characteristic of the finn underground sounds. The easiest description that is used for their music is “psychedelic black metal”. While it is pretty accurate, it doesn’t do justice to the massive noise rock influences that play a major role in their style. So, here you go. Awe-inspiring, immersive music , delivered with class and a personal style that is pretty unique.

Black metal, noise rock, psychedelic rock, ambient, are all combined seamlessly together. Oranssi Pazuzu create a dark, hypnotic, cosmic atmosphere with an extremely interesting concept (“It tells a story of an individual, who is escaping the end of the world into the outer space and slowly loses his/her consciousness in the void”). The visuals are impressive. They are courtesy of Olli Kiviluoto, who spent nine months painting  a 2m wide and 66cm tall canvas… A masterpiece by all means!

Collector data:

  • 350 gram triple-fold jacket.
  • Limited to 500 copies.
  • Black vinyl, black inner sleeves.

Feel like ordering? Here


~ by fieldoperative on March 21, 2012.

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