RAVENCULT “Morbid Blood” CD

RAVENCULT (GR) “Morbid Blood” CD (Hell’s Headbangers) 10€

UPDATE: The gatefold vinyl edition is now available!

We have received the golden vinyl edition  and we will sell it as soon as we have replaced  the printed inner sleeves that  have suffered some minor damage during transport…

Many years ago a young greek black metal act sent me over a demo asking my opinion. I got back to them commenting that it was promising, yet too much attached to Rotting Christ for its own good.

Several years later and after a killer debut, they blew me away with a ruthless and irrestible 2nd album. Ravencult aim with “Morbid Blood” straight at the head with an extremely focused approach.

Compared to their debut, the main difference is that they’re thrashing away like there’s no tomorrow, but not in a retro or a senile way. They do it like it’s supposed to be done. Deep and hard.

And just when you kicked back and relaxed, safe inside your average metalhead comfort zone, they alter the flow with some modern black metal riffing. Some will call it “avant-garde”, others “intelligent black metal”, I will just say it’s a righteous, crucial touch.

With great riffs, devastating beats and a raw yet powerful production, Ravencult position themselves above most of their competitors. The fact that the album’s initial recording at a normal studio has been scrapped because it was deemed “too clean”, starting over again 4-track-style at their rehearsal studio, gets even more kudos for them in my book. The awesome artwork and aesthetics, plus their realistic approach rounds up what can be already considered a modern black metal classic.

Feel like ordering? Here.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on April 28, 2012.

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