[UPDATED] Impending kickoff of the Monomaniac series, BBM on leave, latest distro arrivals


  • I will be Oscar Mike for the next couple of weeks. All pending orders will be shipped tomorrow (30th of July) and all new orders forth in mid-August.
  • Monomaniac vol.1 is ready and has been sent to manufacture! We don’t have an E.T.A. yet but we assume it will be out during the 2nd half of August or in early September. You will discover below the cover artwork designed by our comrades Viral Graphics, as well as the tracklisting!


Total: 5:09

1. CLOUD RAT [us] “Finger print v1” 1:08
2. THEDOWNGOING [au] “Littered” 0:19
3. THEDOWNGOING [au] “Floorboards” 0:19
4. THEDOWNGOING [au] “Hibakusha (Reprise)” 0:16
5. DETROIT [ca] “Birthday Party” 0:34
6. SETE STAR SEPT [jp] “Why not intersect” 0:25
7. BODY HAMMER [us] “Dog Star Man” 0:35
8. HEAD CLEANER [gr] “The Weapon Of The Proletariat” 1:17
Total: 4:53

1. DIOCLETIAN [nz] “Traitors Gallow” 1:19
2. THE HOWLING WIND [us] “Bewilderment” 1:26
3. SEMPITERNAL DUSK [us] “Beneath The Emblems Of Death” 1:03
4. THIS IS PAST [gr] “Catatonia” 0:56

  • We’ve already started receiving submissions for Monomaniac vol.2! Some of the bands that will participate are: Mutant Supremacy (USA), Gods Of Chaos (Croatia), Priapus (USA), Burial Hordes (Greece), Ravencult (Greece), Progress Of Inhumanity (Greece), Haapoja (Finland)…
  • As you guys know, our standard practice is to present each new addition to our distro with a short review and photos of the packaging. Unfortunately I lagged this last couple of weeks due to a shitload of daytime work, personal matters and such. Therefore I have a lot of new goodies stocked that I have neither been able to add yet to our online catalogs, nor to write a review about. You can find the list below just to know what’s available, and if you want to secure your copy just send me a telegram at bodybag666 [at] gmail [dot] com.

ALL OUT WAR “Hymns Of The Apocalypse” 7″EP, 7€ (repress of the cult classic,  U.S. import, green marble vinyl) photodiscogs page
MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD demo 7″EP, 7€ (the demo of the best NYHC band that the 00’s had to offer,  U.S. import, black vinyl version) photo — discogs page
EZGAROTH/PRIMEVAL MASS split-7″EP, 5€ (great split with two greek black metal bands, black vinyl) photo — discogs page
GENGHIS TRON “Board Up The House Remixes Vol. 5” 12″EP, 13€ (Magenta With Mint Green Splatter vinyl, remixes by Nadja, Tim Hecker, Dudes You Can Trust) photo1, photo2 discogs page
GRACE/TIDE OF IRON “The Hard Work E.P.” split-7″EP, 6€ (only got a couple of those so hurry up!) photodiscogs page
ILL OMEN “Divinity Through Un-Creation” cassette, 7€ (Australian import)
THEDOWNGOING “Athousandyearsofdarkness” handmade CD-R album, 4€ (Australian import, Black splotch on white CD, White splotch on black slimline CD case, Handmade x100, Listen/download here)
ANTEDILUVIAN “Through the Cervix of Hawwah” CD, 10€ discogs page
DIOCLETIAN “Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes-War Of All Against All” CD, 9€discogs page
DIOCLETIAN “Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes-War Of All Against All” LP, 15€ (350g Gatefold Sleeve, 140g Black Vinyl, 250g Full Coloured 2 Pages Insert, 250g Full Coloured A2 Sized Poster) — discogs page
DIOCLETIAN “Doom Cult” CD, 9€ discogs page
PORTAL “Swarth” CD, 10€ — discogs page
BLOOD REVOLT “Indoctrine”, 8€ — discogs page


We have also stocked this discographic gem for all you vinyl freaks out there!

NOOTHGRUSH/SUPPRESSION – split 5″, 6€ (regular edition, puzzle pictured in the photo not included with the regular edition) photo

NOOTHGRUSH/SUPPRESSION – split 5″, 12€ (puzzle edition, limited to 150 copies) photo

Plus the reissue, always by Fuck Yoga, of the classic NOOTHGRUSH debut masterpiece…

NOOTHGRUSH “Noothgrush” LP,  12€ (2nd pressing, black or white vinyl it’s your choice) photo


Check out the debut release by this new doom/death super-band featuring ex/current members of Unearthly Trance, Electric Wizard and Ramesses:

SERPENTINE PATH “Erebus/Depravity” 7″EP, 7€ (black wax, limited to 500 copies, U.S. import) photodiscogs pagestream

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