Monomaniac vol.1 comp.7″EP/digital to be released on Monday, the 1st of October 22201222!!!

The wait is over! Our most ambitious project to date, the Monomaniac series, will commence their assault on the worldwide underground discography next Monday, October 1st 2012.

With a devastating line-up consisting of 10 radical units hailing from all over the globe (consult the full line-up/tracklisting below) and illustrated appropriately by Viral Graphics,  volume 1 is armed to the teeth and ready to set the  worldwide underground on fire!

At the same time as the 7″ vinyl version is released, Monomaniac vol.1 will stream in its entirety via our good friends at Cvlt Nation.

2 days later, on Wednesday the 3rd of October, the digital version will be available via our Bandcamp page on a name-your-price basis. So, even if you don’t have a turntable, we’re still counting on your support! The proceedings will help us finance vol.2, for which some killer acts are already confirmed to participate: RAVENCULT [GR], PRIAPUS [US], HAAPOJA [FIN]BURIAL HORDES [GR], GODS OF CHAOS  [HR], MUTANT SUPREMACY [US], etc…

Monomaniac vol.1 tracklisting:

Total: 5:09

1. CLOUD RAT [US] “Finger print v1″ 1:08
2. THEDOWNGOING [AU] “Littered” 0:19
3. THEDOWNGOING [AU] “Floorboards” 0:19
4. THEDOWNGOING [AU] “Hibakusha (Reprise)” 0:16
5. DETROIT [CA] “Birthday Party” 0:34
6. SETE STAR SEPT [JP] “Why not intersect” 0:25
7. BODY HAMMER [US] “Dog Star Man” 0:35
8. HEAD CLEANER [GR] “The Weapon Of The Proletariat” 1:17
Total: 4:53

1. DIOCLETIAN [NZ[ “Traitors Gallow” 1:19
2. THE HOWLING WIND [US] “Bewilderment” 1:26
3. SEMPITERNAL DUSK [US] “Beneath The Emblems Of Death” 1:03
4. THIS IS PAST [GR] “Catatonia” 0:56

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on September 27, 2012.

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