Monomaniac vol.1 7″ out now & streaming @ Cvlt Nation!

History is in the making brothers and sisters! Today is the kickstart of the Monomaniac series, a bold discographical operation uniting international artists from all over the spectrum of extreme underground music. The medium being  7″ vinyl, the challenge is that each unit offers approximately one minute of exclusive/unreleased noise!

Vol.1’s 7″ is out today. You can order it from our paypal store, or -why not?- combine it with other killer items from our distro. Without further ado, stream right now vol.1 at Cvlt Nation!

The digital version will be available on a name-your-price basis on Wednesday, October 3rd from our bandcamp page.

Magazines and web/blogzines get in touch now (bodybag666 [at] gmail [dot] com) for an electronic press kit and a possible physical promo – unfortunately we cannot send free vinyl to anyone due to the high manufacturing cost and mortal postage.

Below you will find the cover artwork by Viral Graphics, as well as the full tracklisting.

Total: 5:09

1. CLOUD RAT [US] “Finger print v1″ 1:08
2. THEDOWNGOING [AU] “Littered” 0:19
3. THEDOWNGOING [AU] “Floorboards” 0:19
4. THEDOWNGOING [AU] “Hibakusha (Reprise)” 0:16
5. DETROIT [CA] “Birthday Party” 0:34
6. SETE STAR SEPT [JP] “Why not intersect” 0:25
7. BODY HAMMER [US] “Dog Star Man” 0:35
8. HEAD CLEANER [GR] “The Weapon Of The Proletariat” 1:17
Total: 4:53

1. DIOCLETIAN [NZ[ “Traitors Gallow” 1:19
2. THE HOWLING WIND [US] “Bewilderment” 1:26
3. SEMPITERNAL DUSK [US] “Beneath The Emblems Of Death” 1:03
4. THIS IS PAST [GR] “Catatonia” 0:56

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on October 1, 2012.

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