Distro update!

We have stocked a lot of new, killer items. We will be adding reviews and photos within the next couple of days, but until then check out the list and the prices. Most of them are in limited quantities! Some of the U.S. imports’ price is high due to excruciating overseas postage…

  • ANTEDILUVIAN/ADVERSARIAL “Initiated In Impiety As Mysteries” split-LP (Nuclear War Now!) 18€
    U.S. import. Regular version black vinyl with A2 poster and double sided insert. Comes in plastic protective bag.
  • BRUTAL TRUTH (US) “The Birth Of Ignorance” MC (Pure Minds Records) 7€
    Repress of their legendary demo as a pro-tape. Sealed in cellophane. Malaysian import.
  • CLOUD RAT (US) “Cloud Rat” MLP (Label co-release) 13€
    Excellent grind/hardcore contributing to Monomaniac vol.1! Issued in recycled record sleeves with double sided printed insert. U.S. import.
  • CLOUD RAT (US) / THE OILY MENACE (US) / WOLBACHIA (CAN) 3-way split LP (IFB Records, Black House Records) 13€
    Packaged in a re-used, inside-out record jacket with a screen printed cover. U.S. import.
  • CLOUD RAT (US) / XTRA VOMIT (US) split-LP 13€
    Includes 2 inserts with lyrics and liner notes. U.S. import.
  • CLOUD RAT (US) / AUTARKEIA (US) split-7″EP  (IFB Records) 7€
    Includes insert with lyrics. U.S. import.
  • DIRTY WOMBS (GR) “We Rise” MC (D.I.Y.) 3
    Crusty hardcore punk. Pro-tape.
  • FAITHREAT (GR) “Thrashing With The Stars” 7″EP (Label co-release) 6€
    8 tracks of excellent crossover/thrashcore! Includes lyric insert. Limited to 350 copies. 
  • GODLESS (GR) “Via Crucis” LP (Ek Nekron) 16€
    Greece’s best kept death metal secret. Limited to 280 copies. Beautiful vinyl edition.
  • GRAVE UPHEAVAL (AUS) / MANTICORE (US) split-MLP (Nuclear War Now!) 15€
    U.S. import. Regular version black vinyl with jacket and insert. Comes in plastic protective bag. 
  • JAGERNAUT (GR) /TERLARANG (MY) split-7″EP (Label co-release) 6€
    Black vinyl edition. 
  • REVENGE (CA)  “Scum.Collapse.Eradication” LP (Nuclear War Now!) 16
     U.S. import. Regular version black vinyl with UV coated LP jacket (black inside pocket) and double sided insert.
  • TERRORDROME (GR) “Seeds of Fear, Begotten” 7″EP (Floga Records) 6€
    Technical brutal death metal. Printed inner sleeve. 

~ by fieldoperative on October 28, 2012.

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