NATIONAL PORNOGRAFIK “D.” digipack CD (+ stories from Salonica in the 00’s)



NATIONAL PORNOGRAFIK (GR) “D.” digipack CD (Venerate Industries) 5€

National Pornografik have been a curious case of a greek band. Part of the Salonica underground scene in the 00’s, instead of grinding like most of their peers (Homo Iratus, Into The Gore, Disembowel, Kvazar, Erectus), they were experimenting with noise rock sounds.

“D.” is their long due debut from 2008. If you’re into bands as diverse as King Crimson, Neurosis, Tomahawk, Faith No More, Mr Bungle,  Kyuss, and want to hear a blend of those styles and much more complete with cool female vocals, you should check them out (the full album is streaming below).

This record marks the ending of an era for the Salonica scene. Mihalis Xydas, vocalist/guitarist of killer grind unit INTO THE GORE (the 2nd album of which we have released a few years ago) has died during the making of “D.” A couple of songs are dedicated to him here… Homo Iratus, the leader of the city’s scene for most of the 00’s have left for the Netherlands in order to try to pursue an international career but came back empty-handed and disbanded. One part of the band has returned to action since but honestly it’s not the same thing. The 2nd part has formed a killer new band called STEREO ANIMAL who are playing industrial/noise rock in the veins of the lost (never released) H.I. album “Fall Of The Locust”. If you are into Killing Joke, Prong, Godflesh you should definitely check them for some 90’s-inspired awesomeness. I also guess that “D.” is one of the last albums produced at Rock Studio, which has closed since. A lot of local bands have used it, many of them having took the ride up north from Athens, including Inveracity, my previous band Straighthate, Sun Of Nothing, etc.

National  Pornografik is on hiatus but its members are currently active with Agnes Vein, Freefall and Bella Fuzz. Fine people!

Feel like ordering? Here.

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