KVAZAR “Flatlined” CD + announcement of KVAZAR/KRATZER split-LP!

KVAZAR "Flatlined"

KVAZAR (GR) “Flatlined” CD (Venerate Industries) 5€

Kvazar were one of the few grind bands active in Greece in the 00’s. They released this 2nd album of theirs in 2010 then a little bit later they disbanded. “Flatlined” has quite a bit of character, combining eurogrind (Napalm Death, Nasum…) with 90’s goodness (Godflesh…) and relapse metal of the first middle of the 00’s (Burnt By The Sun, Uphill Battle,  etc), plus some surprises on top, like the Dead Kennedys part on “Τhe Charmed Ones” or “The Box”‘s funky riff. “Nyfitsa”, the only song here with lyrics in greek, is a definite highlight and a live favorite.

Well produced, “Flatlined” also features excellent growls from one of the best vocalists of the local scene. Devastating, with good riffs and accurate musicianship it became instantly a local classic…

Kvazar is a name that you will hear from us again soon. We’ll be bringing you over their last recording as a split-LP with german blackened crust powerhouse Kratzer (you can stream two tracks from their side below!). This LP will be a co-release with our brothers 7 Degrees Records in Germany (responsible for bringing you Dephosphorus on vinyl!). Yours truly, Panos from Dephosphorus, is screaming on the Kvazar side, and the artwork will be handled by Bryan Proteau @ Natvres Mortes Illvstration. C.Sinclair from Withcrist/Diocletian fame, will mix and master the Kvazar side..

Until then, we propose you “Flatlined” at an affordable price. We also do trades on this one, labels write up!

Feel like ordering? Here.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on February 7, 2013.

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