END: Fuck what you know about greek black metal.

END "III" CDEND (GR) “End III” digipack CD (Black Hate Productions) 8€

A big step down the road to hell, a masterpiece of modern black metal! 50 minutes of timelessness and cold wandering. While retaining the grimness and uglyness of their previous works, they became more challenging and majestic, all this with a very powerful sound. Great release with a 12-page booklet and inspiring artwork by Saint John (Arckanum, Svartsysn).

Ominous news! We have this masterpiece of greek black metal back in stock! Even better than that, we acquired most of the remaining stock, so we’re able to wholesale/trade it. Distros get in touch!

END being largely unknown due to lack of PR, we at Blastbeat Mailmurder, hope to raise awareness about this fucking great act. You will soon be able to check out a brand new killer song (featuring the infamous Ilias from Sun Of Nothing on vokills), their contribution to forthcoming Monomaniac vols 2/3. We would also like to release more of their stuff, but there’s nothing to announce right now.

Feel like ordering? Here.

Collector’s data:

  • Threefold (6 panels) digipack.
  • Edition of 1.000 copies, almost sold-out from the label.


And while we’re at it, we still have copies of their debut “I” mini-album in Long Player and Compact Death formats…

END (GR) “I” MCD (ISO666) 6€

END (GR) “I” LP (Black Hate Productions) 13€

Our favorite greek black metal band! When this has been released back in 2003 it was like a “Fuck what you know about greek black metal” statement! It’s grim and it’s harsh, yet it has some essential acoustic parts and majestic choirs. This classic release has been pressed gloriously on vinyl, with the awesome  embossed logo on the front cover and the back cover looking awesome.

Feel like ordering? Here.

Collector’s data:

  • LP limited 500 handnumbered copies.
  • CD is hard to find and the record label no longer exists.
  • LP includes the bonus track “Melancholy Vomits Hatred” and aninsert with the lyrics.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on February 28, 2013.

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