VUYVR “Eiskalt” reviewed on

Vuyvr – “Disfigured By Hatred”

Location: Switzerland

Subgenre: Black Metal

It’s increasingly hard to gain any traction by playing black metal in the classic Scandinavian mold. That particular vein of creative ore was explored pretty thoroughly by the ’90s pioneers and stripped bare by their many imitators. Even now, though, a crafty band can find gold in that quarry. Vuyvr, which features members of the underrated Swiss bands Impure Wilhelmina and Knut, has done so. Vuyvr’s attack initially feels like any old Immortal knockoff’s — rickety drums blast away beneath minor-key chords while some guy shrieks himself raw. But Vuyvr has a personal touch. Where your stock black metal band would be PERFECTED BY HATRED! or ENTHRONED BY HATRED!, Vuyvr are disfigured by it. Those minor chords chime with a post-punk vulnerability. Instead of icy, inhuman fury, we get the heat of real human emotion. [Throatruiner] — Doug Moore


~ by fieldoperative on February 28, 2013.

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