VACANTFIELD (GR) “Iteration” MCD (Duplicate Records) 5€

Speak with a greek underground fiend about modern black metal. It is a matter of time before he mentions the term “intelligent black metal” and leaves you wondering what the fuck he’s talking about.

Well, the term has been introduced by a friend of mine, co-writer to Metal Hammer Greece, frontman to Sonichaos Aeon (one of the more cult greek bands of these last 15 years), and occasional designer, Tsamashi Toyo, aka Tolis Yovanitis, aka 9:deathoftheast:9 – who will btw contribute lyrics to the forthcoming 2nd Dephosphorus album.

Anyway, I wrote all this because Vacantfield offer their own take on this particular sound, which is basically what bands like Ved Buens Ende (R.I.P.), Dødheimsgard, Thorns, Virus, Cadaver Inc., have been up to: creating post-modern, forward thinking black metal mindfuckery.

These 20′ are enough for a dark, cosmic atmosphere to be conjured, driven by grit and a healthy will for experimentation. Behind the drum kit and for our listening pleasure is a prolific member of the modern greek underground metal scene, Maelstrom (Ravencult, Thou Art Lord, Dödsferd, Nadiwrath, etc).

Feel like ordering? Here.

Collector’s data:

  • Jewelcase CD with 8-page booklet.
  • Edition of 1000 copies.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on March 2, 2013.

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