Vuyvr are an exciting new black metal band (we’ve actually written about them before) from Switzerland, featuring members of KnutElizabeth, Impure Wilhelmina and Rorcal; they’re practically a veritable super-group of blackened crust. These disciples of noise are devoted to the deafening darkness that they propel from their hallowed bodies. Eiskalt is their debut album, supposedly recorded in a day, and is a remarkable little piece.

While it leans heavily on its influences from the more popular and “classic” Swedish and Norwegian forebears of black metal; at the same time there are numerous subtle personal touches liberally sprinkled throughout that create a sublimely bleak masterwork of a band intent on forging their own identity in an overpopulated field. From majestic breakdowns appearing in songs like “Betrayers Of The North” to balanced duelling guitars swirling through the air in an almost post rockish fashion on “Dead Trees Will Wander At Night” – it creates an album that’s not willing to adhere to strict confines set by other bands. The vocals, while relatively standard for this type of proceeding contain the right balance between caustic and raw, though restrained just enough to seem immediate, but not over the top, which would be a detriment to the record. What’s most remarkable about Vuyvr is that it’s clear that every part of their sound has been honed to perfection to achieve a certain sound, and yet at the same time they sound extremely organic and unhinged, which works completely in their favour.

Eiskalt has been available via Bandcamp since January 31st, however Throatruiner Records and Blastbeat Mailmurder have made the record available on 180 gram vintage vinyl. This is most certainly one of those records that would be suitable for that format. Check it out and purchase it from the Throatruiner store! (ed-Hey you can buy it from us too!) Support independent music!


~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on March 16, 2013.

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