Format fetish part 3: Massgrave / Suffering Mind 9″ + DVD

Massgrave / Suffering Mind 9" + DVD massgrave_side sufferingmind_side

MASSGRAVE (CA) / SUFFERING MIND (POL) split-9″+DVD (Behind The Mountain Records) 15€

Polish label Behind The Mountain Records has certainly done an ambitious and remarkable entry in discography, first with the Phobia/Suffering Mind split-5″, then with the Massgrave / Suffering Mind 9″+DVD. Both releases sport unusual vinyl formats, and this is something we definitely like!

Honnestly, this is the first time I hold a 9 incher in my hands. The closest I’ve been to was 8 inches, with the awesome Isis “The Red Sea”… Anyway, it is easy to confuse it a 9″ with a 10″!

Content-wise, it is another international crust/grind association. Massgrave from Canada, seem very influenced by Disrupt and they have two vocalists. Suffering Mind play hysterical grind. Their vocalist alternates smoothly the low and high end, which is cool especially live.

Talking about live, the enclosed DVD features two live sets from a joint show the two bands did together in Wroclaw, Poland last year. It is professionally done, with good camera work and great sound!

Feel like ordering? Here.

Collector data:

  • Black vinyl edition limited to 403 copies.
  • Foldout cover.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on May 8, 2013.

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