Injekting Khaos self-titled limited MLP out 1st of September. Brace yourselves!

INJEKTING KHAOS s/t limited MLP out 1st of September 2013.

Injekting Khaos self-titled limited MLP out 1st of September. Brace yourselves!

Injekting Khaos is a now defunct black metal unit from Greece. Dephosphorus‘ audience is familiar to their name because it’s the previous band of Nikos Megariotis (the drummer on all the Dephosphorus releases so far). Blastbeat Mailmurder in cooperation with Order Of Theta and Temple Of Flesh, will bring you in vinyl the last recording that the band did before fading into nothingness. The 5 tracks of this self-titled mini-album are some of the most vicious and menacing sounds ever recorded in this rotting land. You can get a first taste by listening to two of them, Corrupted and Unhealthy. The fold-out cover will curse your eyes with two amazing pieces of art by our comrades and friends Viral Graphics. The record has been remastered for vinyl by Cam Sinclair from Diocletian Witchrist.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on July 20, 2013.

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