KRATZER/KVAZAR split-LP review @ Metal Hammer Greece



(7 Degrees Records/Blastbeat Mailmurder)

  Bleed from joy

On Kvazar’s side we encounter fiendish, sodomizing grind, which flirts shamelessly and with great success with death metal of the “Wolverine Blues” variety. Kvazar have great beats, they know how to groove (without sacrificing speed in the process) and are catchy as fuck. Those of us that dug Rotten Sound’s “Cursed” especially, are bound to bow and worship. It features agitprop lyrics, incorporating themes of cyber-activism and scientific atheism. From their cosmic dust (Kvazar split-up in 2011), three worthy bands sprung into existence, namely Headcleaner, Wreckage and 666Casualties. Germans Kratzer play (post) hardcore with bits of post metal ambiance and related time signatures. In some instances a more straightforward and less expansive Catharsis comes to mind, yet the two groups I’d really like to namedrop, in order to emphasize Kratzer’s intensity and metallic character and feel, are Ken Mode and The Psyke Project.

Mike Krimpogiannis

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on August 6, 2013.

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