VON GOAT “Septic Illumination” gatefold LP

Von Goat - Septic Illumination1 Von Goat - Septic Illumination2 Von Goat - Septic Illumination3 Von Goat - Septic Illumination4

VON GOAT (USA) “Septic Illumination” gatefold LP (Nuclear War Now!) 16€

Not to be associated musically with VON, VON GOAT’s “Septic Illumination” is one of the most morbid black/death albums released in recent memory.

Except the sheer quality of the riffs, there is a unique, sinister atmosphere that captivates the listener. As far as the style goes there is a very strong personality, and different elements blended seamlessly together.

You will embark on a journey that will take you back in time from USA (Profanatica) to Finland (Beherit), then to Greece (Rotting Christ and Varathron circa the early demo/split days), while psychedelic sounds from the 60’s and the 70’s will often be heard.

Oh and btw “Septic Illumination” was recorded by John Gossard from Dispirit fame.

Feel like ordering? Here.

Collector’s info:

  • U.S. import.
  • Includes double sided poster and lyrics insert.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on August 30, 2013.

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