INJEKTING KHAOS MLP/digital/TS out now!


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“Injekting Khaos’ music walks down muddy roads with a compositional reflection, filtering the impurities of black/death through the french black metal of the 00′s. The band seduces with its grim and sunless sound, resembling a permanent dusk.” (Metal Hammer Greece)

Comprising some of the most vicious & unrelenting black metal sounds that have ever emanated from Greece, this elegant release is a posthumous tribute to the legacy of a supremely chaotic and uncompromising underground act. Supported appropriately with excellent artwork from Viral Graphics and featuring the original DEPHOSPHORUS drummer on drums and vokills, this is a release that you should not miss.

You can purchase the INJEKTING KHAOS MLP and T-SHIRT by using one of the options below.

What’s the deal:

— 12” black vinyl pressed at 45 R.P.M. Packaged in a fold-out jacket printed in full-colour and silver ink on heavy-weight 350 gsm uncoated stock. Limited to 350 hand-numbered copies. Comes in black inner sleeves and PVC overbag,

A vicious T-SHIRT design by Viral Graphics! Black ink on charcoal shirts (Fruit Of The Loom, heavy cotton ). Printed in the U.S. by Nightgaunt Graphics. LIMITED TO 50 SHIRTS!

FREE BONUS WITH EVERY VINYL OR SHIRT ORDER: “Salvation Through Violence”, the INJEKTING KHAOS debut mini-CD, pressed in 2006 as an elegant digipack.


Twisting, gnarling, ethereal Black Metal violence executed with militant precision and explosive fervour: this is Injekting Khaos. Lasting twenty breathtaking minutes, Injekting Khaos’ posthumous self-titled mini album is presented herein in the form of a 12” black vinyl packaged in a fold-out jacket printed in full-colour and silver ink on heavy-weight 350gsm uncoated stock. Formed in Athens, Greece in 2002, Injekting Khaos’ musical foundations rest on ugly, sinister riffs deformed under a relentless barrage of machinegun drumming, not dissimilar to the likes of Antaeus or The One. At times between the moments of searing aggression, Injekting Khaos allow the wall of noise to collapse; giving way to sparser arrangements consisting of sprawling yet claustrophobic atmospheres and even trance-like melody, evoking a deep sense of desolation and bleakness. There is no doubt that Injekting Khaos’ swansong is a unique and provocative release and a gem of underground extreme Metal.


Hailing from Athens, Greece this power trio of sociopaths released their debut demo entitled “Inner Suicide” in summer 2004. A relentless, blasting Black Metal deluge of violent ripping razors, “Inner Suicide” is the musical equivalent to receiving a cloud of shrapnel to the face. 2006 saw Repentance Rex issue Injekting Khaos’ second assault in the form of the “Salvation Through Violence” mini album. Even more incendiary than their debut release, Salvation Through Violence demonstrated the band’s evolution and maturity, merging their trademark brutal militant drumming with harsh, corrosive guitarwork and blood-gargling vocals. Having performed alongside the likes of Antaeus, Dead Congregation, Watain, Acrimonious, Ravencult, and many others, Injekting Khaos amassed a dedicated following, truly earning the often abused ‘cult’ designation. Nearly a decade after their inception, Injekting Khaos disbanded, but not without recording a third and final assault in the form of a self-titled mini LP. Released as a joint venture between Temple of Flesh, Blastbeat Mailmurder and Order of Theta, Injekting Khaos is a posthumous vinyl mini-album marking the final nail in the coffin of this incredible and unique band. Several years in the making, Injekting Khaos is a breathtaking release, shifting the band’s musical violence into nether realms, where discordance, syncopation and moments of sparseness counterplay the paroxysmal chaos – as if the violence were no longer human, but elevated to something else. A band that always remained untainted by trends and always shunning the limelight, Injekting Khaos are an embodiment of true underground Black Metal spirit and extreme music craftsmanship; and their final release stands proudly as a timeless testament to their obscure legacy.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on October 12, 2013.

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