WRECKAGE “Rise from Ruins” CD-R

wreckage cdep

wreckage cd-ts

WRECKAGE (GR) “Rise from Ruins” CD-R (Clean Head Productions) 6€

 WRECKAGE is a new death metal band from Greece, brainchild of the guitarist of Kvazar & 666 Casualties. Their debut EP has been put together with attention to  detail by D.I.Y. label Clean Head Productions, which is operated by the dudes of grindcore commando Head Cleaner.
It comes in a 7″ jacket and has been professionally duplicated on a black vinyl CD-R. It also includes a double-sided 35x35cm poster with the cover artwork on one side and the lyrics on the other.
The presence of a cover of ENTOMBED’s “Eyemaster” should give you a rough idea what to expect by the remaining 5 tracks. Old-school death metal with a death’n’roll touch in the veins of Autopsy, Entombed (obviously), Murder Squad, or more recently Black Breath, served by a good production and executed flawlessly by veterans Thessaloniki’s undergroung metal/hardcore scene.

Feel like ordering? Here.

Collector’s info:

  • Limited to 200 copies.
  • Pro-duplicated black vinyl CD-R.
  • Packaged in a 7″ jacket.
  • Includes a double sided 35×35 poster insert with the lyrics and the artwork.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on October 21, 2013.

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