ALCHEMYST “Nekromanteion” LP+booklet

Alchemyst (Ger.) - Nekromanteion LP + Booklet

ALCHEMYST (DE) “Nekromanteion” LP+booklet (Iron Bonehead) 16€

Many bands try to sound occult these days but admittedly most of them fail miserably to immerse and inspire the demanding listener. It takes more than a bunch of hooded posers and some pseudo-occult mambo jumbo to impress the eclectic underground fiend!

Enter ALECHEMYST from Germany. I’ve never heard of this fucking band before stocking a handful of copies for the distro (and you better bet I grabbed one for myself!). Their occult death metal weeds out the weak straight away. It is atmospheric while still retaining aggression and a in-your-face quality. Sounding very fresh and unlike the trends dominating the underground these days, it also sounds very familiar making you feel immediately at home.

It took me a few listens to try and pinpoint some bands it’s making me thinking of. I would quote old Tiamat and Therion for the ancient mythological atmosphere they conjure, but also modern/avant-garde acts such as Negative Plane and Bölzer.

Last but not least, my compliments go to the band for creating an atmosphere genuinely invoking mental images “taking the listener back to the ancient mythology around the Aegean Sea”. Oh, and it also features a guest appearance by Drakh (Katharsis) on Hammond organ.

Feel like ordering? Here.

Collector’s info:

  • Includes an impressive 12-page booklet illustrated by Misanthrophic Art.
  • Black vinyl, 3mm spine, jackets printed inside with black flood, black inner sleeves, ships in PVC overbag.

~ by Πάνος Αγόρος on October 22, 2013.

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