ARSIS “As Regret Becomes Guilt” CD

ARSIS "As Regret Becomes Guilt" CDARSIS "As Regret Becomes Guilt" CD

ARSIS (U.S.A.) “As Regret Becomes Guilt” CD (Negative Existence) 8€

This CD compiles both demos from 2001/2002 of this technical heavy/death metal band. It’s those recordings that gathered attention from the underground and the music business and led them to notoriety. There’s also some bonus tracks and a live video CD-Rom segment.

The artwork on this releases and its 12 page booklet has been designed by guru Mark Riddick.

2002 Demonstration 

1. Elegant and Perverse
2. Wholly Night
3. Worship Depraved
4. Seven Whispers Fell Silent
5. Veil of Mourning Black

2001 Demonstration
6. Fortune’s Envy
7. Close
8. Painted Eyes

Unreleased 2002 Studio Recordings 
9. Elegant and Perverse
10. Seven Whispers Fell Silent

CD-Rom Video Segment 
Wholly Night
Veil of Mourning Black
Worship Depraved
Evil (Mercyful Fate cover)

Feel like ordering? Here.

Collector data:

  • U.S. import.
  • Includes 12 page booklet that was designed by Mark Riddick.
  • Printed in black and metallic gold.
  • Edition of 2.000, almost sold-out from the label.

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